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Cover Reveal: 3, A Psychological Thriller

3, A Psychological Thriller

I always get excited about a cover reveal, but I’m especially psyched about this one. 3 will be my first full-length thriller and it’s turning into quite the dark and twisted tale. This is one of those books that’s forcing me to buckle my seat belt, push the pedal to the floor, and hold on for one wild and crazy ride. This is one of those books that won’t allow me to hold back anything. This is one of those books that makes me question if I’ve gone too far.

This is 3 and I have three words of advice for you: Don’t fall asleep.

Preview: 3, A Psychological Thriller

3, A Psychological Thriller

A Preview…

Everyone’s life takes unexpected twists and turns. It’s how we handle them that determines who we are. That, at least, is the perception—or should I say misconception?—of the scrutinizing eyes of the world. Circumstances can either make us or break us, we’re told. Overcome. Persevere. Aren’t those the words our subconscious chants at us, telling us to overlook the bad, to keep trudging up that mountain because the reward at the top will be worth anything we could have possibly endured in the past?

I laugh at my subconscious with its shaking pom poms and perky rah rahs.  I smile politely at the well meaning remarks of those who have never even come close to experiencing the kind of darkness I have touched, tasted, endured.

He called me a monster. I wasn’t. Not then. But by the end I was no longer me. I was what he made me.