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I’m an author, graphic designer, and self-proclaimed gypsy. If I had to describe myself in one phrase, I’d say I’m a complex contradiction. I love laughter, wit, sarcasm and sunshine equally as much as I love all things macabre. I like dirt roads and city sidewalks, country music and Mozart. I like ripped jeans and pretty dresses, tailgates and museums.

My bookshelf is no less eclectic. Give me a romance, paranormal, contemporary and everything in between. I’ll have that in one hand and a thriller or horror in the other. My love for reading transformed into a love for writing, and telling tales has become my thing. I’ve penned paranormal and contemporary romance, urban fantasy, horror and thrillers. All my stories lean to the darker side, which probably says more about me than I should divulge.

Over the years, I’ve turned into a book cover fanatic. I wander around bookstores staring and studying covers for hours on end. To know I’ve created some of these beauties and had the opportunity to work with so many awesome authors and publishers is something that makes me incredibly proud. 

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